About Us

As one of the largest importers of Brazilian slate, soapstone, and quartzite in the Midwest, we assure you that NORSTONE can meet the growing needs of your organization.

Since 1994, NORSTONE has proven to be a permier supplier and one of the largest importers of the most durable slate -- Brazilian slate. We have not only kept up with demand, but have surpassed our customers' expectations regarding the quality of the products and services we provide.

NORSTONE's stone is available in container-load, direct shipments or in smaller quantities from our warehouse in the Crete, Illinois. Material can be ordered in gauged slab format, gauged tile formats ranging from 12" to nominal 24", random flagging, roofing, and cut-to-size depending on your specifications.

We look forward to being your source for natural, specialty stones. Thank you for your interest in NORSTONE.

Robert Kasper